Jonathon R. Giles, PE, MBA



Jon Giles is a Mechanical Engineer for Innovative Engineering Solutions, LLC.  His experience includes 9 years of design in many aspects of engineering, which allows him to bring creative ideas to the design process.


System Experience:

Mr. Giles has had principal design responsibility for projects involving the design and specifications of heating systems (hot water boiler systems, including piping/ pumping systems and components), ventilation systems (make-up air, air handling units, and heat recovery systems), air conditioning systems (air handling units, rooftop units, furnaces, condensing units, geothermal heat pumps and piping/pumping systems and all components), plumbing systems (domestic water, sewer and storm piping systems, plumbing fixtures, waste and storm interceptors, etc.), fire protection sprinkler systems, and temperature control systems (Direct Digital Control “DDC”, Electric and Pneumatic systems). Mr. Giles has designed these systems for the following types of buildings:



Banks Churches Clinics
Hospitals Libraries Nursing Homes Fire Halls
Sports Complexes Swimming Pools Treatment Centers Office Buildings
Commercial Kitchens Schools Assisted Living Car Dealerships


            ·  2005 to Present: Mechanical Engineer – Innovative Engineering Solutions, LLC

            ·  2002 to 2005: Vice President – Premier Engineering, Inc.

            · 2000 to 2002: Mechanical Engineer – Behr Heat Transfer Systems, Inc.

            ·  1997 to 2000: Project Manager; Design Engineer – Raven Industries, Inc.



            ·   Graduate: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 2007; Iowa State Univeristy, Ames, IA

         ·  Graduate: Master of Business Administration, 2000; University of Sioux Falls; Sioux Falls, SD

            ·   Graduate: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, 1997; SDSU, Brookings, SD


  Professional Licenses:

            ·   Registered Professional Engineer in the states of: South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming.  In addition, NCEES Registered.  


  Professional Organizations:

            ·  American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers; (ASHRAE)

            ·  American Society of Mechanical Engineers; (ASME)

            ·  National Society of Professional Engineers; (NSPE)


  Civic Involvement:

            ·  Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

            ·  Leadership Sioux Falls - Group 19

            ·  Sunday School Volunteer

            ·  Church Trustee & Administration Council Committee Volunteer





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